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A week later in Max office about the map the ruined country.  He said.
    "Here's the map of this mission that I'm giving you." said Max
    "I never heard of this map."  Noted Protector.
    "Princess Luna have been keep this a secret before she became Nightmare Moon."  smiled Max.
    "So like why did she keep a secret?" questioned Protector.
    "You got to ask her that. answered Max.  "The only she told me that the aura around that shield wall gave out a dark purple smoke of a radius of 50 miles.  But the smoke came out when she have been ban to the moon.  She sees that ponies are caught in the smoke becomes demons that we never seen before."
    "So how can I stop this smoke." questioned Protector.
   "Most of theses questions you have got to be answered from Princess Luna."  answered Max.  "But can you teleport about 100 miles away from here to the next country?"  questioned Max
    "Only 75 miles that I can teleport. answered Protector.  "Why?"
    "Oh well..  If you do you're going to do that you'll miss helping the injured ponies from the other half of that 50 mile radius."  concluded Max.
    "So what inside the barrier if you got enough information?"  questioned Protector.
    "Only one.  It's like a monster that's looks like 50 feet tall demon with white eyeballs, black scales, stands on 2 legs, have wings, and only came out during the night and it's powerful as an Alicorn." answered Max.  "And you can only come to the castle during the full moon because she got that night a free time."
    "Ok I'm going to meet the princess of the night during the full moon."  concluded Protector.
    "I'll see you during the full moon."  said Max.

    Night time in the castle while moon is full.  Fang is inside the night castle seeing bat ponies standing straight passing buy like any other royal solider.  Fang is at the entrance of the throne room door asking for them to asking them that he said.

    "Let me in because I got a mission from the independent guild that the princess made and ask come during the beautiful full moon."  answered Fang in his strict tone voice.
     The 2 night ponies walking around him while the other 2 magic night guards with out wings scanning that Fang don't have anything hidden.  And they both open the door with their magic.  Fang walk in the throne room and see Princess Luna sitting on the castle chair and sees Max on the floor.  Max sill bowing while Fang went right nest to his right and bowed all the way to the ground while his right eye still open.

    "I see you not using your normal pony form.  Why not using that form?"  questioned Luna.
    "In that form I only can see thing if there's light hitting ponies and objects but only someone talking or touching me.  If I use it while it night time I cant sense nothing."  answered Fang while still bowing.
    "I see." said Luna "The reason why called you both because I can trust you guys.  I feared that the main 6 is not strong enough to take down such a skilled demon."
    "Princess Luna?"  questioned Max.
    "Yes?"  answered Luna.
    "Can you please tell us about the mission?"  questioned Max.
    "Yes." answered Luna.  "The mission that I'm giving you 3 is very difficult task ahead of you."
    "Wait.. You 3!?"  questioned both of them.  "And sorry about that my night lord."  apologizing Max and Fang.
    "Yes you 3."  answered Luna.  "It was a extremely difficult task because it took almost took us the whole 1/2 a month of magic."
    "So who is this 3rd pony?"  questioned Max.
    "Just say he told me he'll move the moon light where my horn is at"  said Luna

    By the time when Fang going to ask the moon light started to move.  The light hit Luna horn made a beam of light behind Fang.  They both stand up and see that the light starting to form.  Few minutes have past it starting to form a something that they never seen before.  Few more minutes have past  the light starting to circling around the beam of light on the floor.  Max and Fang know that armor anywhere.  It looks like a white shining metal boots until it reach to the chest and it's still white and shining.  It looks like Fang's father.  By the time it ended the moonlight move back to the position it normal self.  Fang's farther was lying on the ground with shocked eyes while his mouth is dropped. Guardian starting to move off the ground and sitting down on the floor.  He bowed to the Princess of the night and stand up.

    "Hello there Fang"  said Guardian.

    Both pony still shock while Luna not.
    "Just wow." said Luna "You are a human being inside the enchantment armor you have."
    "Yep it is and are you going to tell them about the mission."  said Guardian.
    "I already did."  concluded Luna .
    "So let's go Max and Fang"  said Guardian.
    Both of them still standing still with mouth wide open.  Guardian close both of their mouths and started to them for a few seconds.  Luna cast a spell to snapped them out.  Both of them shake their heads and sees that Guardian is starting right back at them.  
    "Wait why you're here."  said Fang.
    "Oh you know about this mission."  answered Guardian.
    "Oh.." said Fang.  "But let me guess the demon is really that strong?"  questioned Fang.
    "Well I know about this demon because it been found in different dimensions."  answered Guardian.
    "Then how did you beat that demon?"  questioned Max.
    "Well I take the long way of fighting because if is in opened space but if in close space I'll try not to be reckless."  answered Guardian.
    "Hey you guys should be going because you are wasting time."  Luna cut out the conservation.
    "I'll see you the next night sky because I don't want any pony seeing me that humans are real."  said Guardian.
    "So your going to hide in the shadows?"  questioned Fang
    "Yes I will." said Guardian.
    In the morning, outside the castle walls Guardian is in the shadows trying not to get spotted while Max and Fang walking out the door.
    "Hey Max.." said Guardian while using telepathic skill.  "I put some information about the mythical creatures in my world.  But I only gave you 10 names of those creatures.  And each night the beginning of the letter doesn't be the same it will be a different letter."  
    "Wait how are you going to put those names in my head while I'm sleeping?"  questioned Max.
    "I already did.  In you sleep like 3 hours ago."  answered Guardian.
    As they walk to a village right next the swamp biome called Ye long Gu ponies was badly injured and need help while their homes was in ruins.

    "Max looks like we need to help these ponies."  said Fang.
    "Ya we should."  concluded Max.
    After helping these ponies they found some evidence that some pony or the whole army just storm past this village and left the wounded ponies to die.  But luckily they saved some ponies whose was badly injured Max did all the work.  Elite lost consistence by using so much her magic that slept for 5 hours while like 90% were healed.  When Elite woke up the first quarter moon was out and it was mid-night.  She sees that Max and the rest of the ponies asleep and Guardian is standing on top a burned wooden pole. Elite walked to her dad while avoiding the sleeping ponies. 
    "Hey dad."  said Elite
    "Hey daughter."  said Guardian.  "How's your sleep?" questioning her.
    "Well bad."  said Elite  "But anyway did you save some souls that didn't left their body?"  questioning him.
    "Only 5% of the ponies that I saved because I worried that the god and goddess will be angry at me for saving all of them."  answered Guardian.
    "Well at lest they having a good life after their deaths."  said Elite.
    "You should be go back to sleep I'll handle them if they come."  conclude Guardian.
    "I lost that much sleep."  said Elite.  "But any way how far Max know?"  questioning him.
    "Well he said repeat the name again like 20 times and he's at Baba Yago."  asked Guardian.
    "Can you tell what's the 10 names your giving him?"  asking Elite.
    "Ok.  It's Baba Yaga, Babe the blue ox, Babi, Backahast, Bagala , Bagwyn, Bahamut, Bakbakwakanouksiewae or The cannibal at the North end of the world, Bakewchochin, Bakra and Baku."
    "Oh those names are crazy hard names but not Bahamut."  answered Elite.
    "Ya in my world it have crazy about of languages."  said Guardian.

    Night 2 
    Max got some more information about theses 10 mythical creatures in each night called.  


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